Adult Outreach

Paul Sawyier Public Library Outreach Services assists people throughout Franklin County who might otherwise not be able to take advantage of the library’s collection and services.



1. What is Outreach Services and how does it work?

Outreach services brings library material (and, for larger facilities, programming) directly to your front door. You can call or email us your requests. The librarian will gather your material, set a date for delivery, and bring your items to you. We can also facilitate Book Kits that your facility can use for book clubs. This service is entirely free!


2. Who can request Outreach Services from PSPL?
Outreach Services assists homebound adults, as well as elderly patrons in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement communities. We also provide temporary outreach services. We cannot set up new Outreach Services for a patron through another person. If you are requesting Outreach for your elderly loved one, we would be happy to first come visit, set up a new library card, and bring you library materials. We must initially speak directly with the person needing Outreach Services, however.


3. What is temporary Outreach Services?
Outreach assists adult patrons who may need Outreach Services for a limited time. This includes patrons who may have a temporary mobility concern, such as a broken leg, and mothers with new infants.


4. What if I don’t have a library card, lost my library card, or am new to Franklin County, but still need Outreach Services?
That’s okay! Give us a call. We can help you get a first time library card or a replacement library card. All patrons using Outreach must be members of Paul Sawyier Public Library and live within Franklin County.


5. How can I reach the Outreach Service librarians?

We can be reached over the phone or through email. Our contact information is:

PSPL Outreach Services
502-352-2665 extension 111


6. How many items can I request at one time?

Outreach can bring you up to 15 items at one time, including books, audio books, and movies. Patrons can also request items to be placed on hold, and items will be brought to the patron at their next scheduled Outreach delivery. The Outreach Librarian can also pick out books for you based on your reading preferences.


7. How often can I receive Outreach Services?

Patrons can request Outreach Services once every 3 weeks.


8. I am the program coordinator / activity director for an assisted living facility / nursing home. Can our residents get outreach?

Yes! For nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and self-contained retirement communities Outreach Services can do a “pop-up library,” where we bring a large assortment of all kinds of books (including new releases) to your facility. Patrons can then come to a central location, such as a lobby, living room, or community room, and choose their books. Each patron must be a Paul Sawyier Public Library member. Outreach Services can check patron’s material out to them at your facility, and can create new library accounts for patrons who require a library card.


Outreach Services can also bring library programming (community education) to your facility. Programs can include seasonal themed programs, arts and crafts programs, and senior living care, such as fall prevention. Please give us a call so we can discuss your facilities particular programming needs.