Betty Barr and Don Kleier

Betty Barr is a native of Frankfort who grew up fishing with her dad and spending time outdoors as a camper and camp counselor. Don Kleier was born and educated in Kentucky. He and Betty were married in 1977 and moved to Colorado. She practiced Pediatric Dentistry in Metro Denver Colorado for 38 years, and Don taught Endodontics at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. They moved to Frankfort in 2017. Betty serves on the Board of the Capital City Museum. They love to fish, hike, and ride their road bikes. They also love Kentucky and especially Frankfort.

Crafting and Casting

Crafting and Casting: The Famed Frankfort Kentucky Reel

Crafting and Casting tells the story of how the four-to-one multiplier baitcasting reel, developed in the 1830’s, put Frankfort on the world map by 1900. It also describes the 1852 Benjamin F. Meek Chronometer, a horological masterpiece, made by one of the major reel makers. This signature Frankfort product is the only known early clock movement made in Kentucky.

The book is a companion to the exhibit, “Crafting and Casting: The Famed Frankfort Kentucky Reel”, housed in the Capital City Museum at 325 Ann Street. The evolution of the industry, the tools used to hand craft these functional works of art, and the awards and recognition garnered are accompanied by many color photos in a visually appealing layout.

This is a fascinating and unique piece of Frankfort history with universal appeal written by a couple who believe the past instructs the future and must be preserved.