Board of Trustees

The library board meets at the Library in the Sower Board Room at 5:30 pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

Voting Board

Natalie Wilkerson, President (2021)
510 Ann Street

Maria Bartholomew, Vice President (2022)
100 Pinnacle Court, #509

Carolyn S. Lynch, Secretary (2023)
603 Briar Cliff Street

Robert Kellerman, Treasurer (2021)
50 Main Chance Court

Mary Lynn Collins (2021)
311 Wilkinson Street

Advisory Board

Patty Crittenden (2022)
305 Stonehedge Street

Connie Crowe (2023)
100 Dove Creek Road

Alison Cuentas (2021)
123 Westover Road

Bernard Mazaheri (2022)
325 Shelby Street

Cheryl Sandefur (2021)
2825 Highway 151 Road

(All addresses are Frankfort, KY 40601.)

Board of Trustees and Library Employee Ethics Policy and Acknowledgement

Board Bylaws

Board Policies

Board Minutes

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August 2019 Agenda

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July 2019 Agenda

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June 2019 Agenda

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Interested in being a part of the Library Board of Trustees?

Library trustees serve in a volunteer capacity for four years with the possibility of re-appointment.

Applicants with a variety of skills, interests, and experiences are encouraged to apply.

Board of Trustees Application