Charles Bogart

Charles Bogart is a graduate of Thomas More College (B.A. in History, 1965) and Ohio State University (M.A. in Planning, 1967). He and his wife, Mary Ann, moved to Frankfort in 1968 when he went to work for the Kentucky Department of Military Affairs. In 2005, he began work for Frankfort Parks and Historical Sites as a docent at the Ft. Boone Civil War Battle Site. He is the author of eight books and numerous articles on military, navel, and railroad history. He is a conductor at the Bluegrass Railroad Museum, President of the Frankfort Civil War Round Table, Western River Columnist for the Steamship Historical Society of America, and Editor of the CSXT Historical Society Journal.

Louisville and Nashville Railroad

The Louisville & Nashville Railroad in Kentucky As Seen through Postcards

The Louisville & Nashville Railroad (L&N) was incorporated in 1850 to build a rail line from Louisville, Kentucky, south to Nashville, Tennessee. The railroad was completed in 1861 just in time for the Civil War. L&N, unlike most southern lines, thanks to providing transportation for the Federal Army during the Civil War, survived the war with money available for expansion. Thus L&N acquired a number of southern railroads that would provide the L&N with track extending south from Louisville to Pensacola, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; and New Orleans, Louisiana. L&N’s Kentucky track was served by fifteen yards: Madisonville, Owensboro (Doyle), Bowling Green, Skilman, Louisville (Strawberry), Latonia, DeCoursey, Paris, Lexington, Winchester (Patio), Corbin, Ravenna, Hazard (Crawford), Loyall, and Harlan. Within the pages of this book, you will journey over the L&N in Kentucky via postcards, but our journey routes will not always follow direct L&N train routing.