Christina Murphy

Christina Murphy, a Franklin County native, lives in her beloved adopted Owen County with her husband, Jim, and their affectionate hound, Sadie. She enjoys fishing and boating on the nearby Kentucky River and riding her bicycle on idyllic Point of Rock Road. Christina caught the history bug from her mother-in-law, author, historian, and centenarian, Margaret Alice (Karsner) Murphy. It was at Margaret’s home that Christina first met Bonnie Strassell and immediately recognized a kindred spirit. As members of the local historical society, they endeavor to promote the preservation of local history. Christina maintains the society’s website,, and serves as its current president. She has coordinated the clean-up of several local family cemeteries and continues to supervise their maintenance.

1812: Kentuck is Coming

After the Revolutionary War, trouble with the British continued to brew. Their refusal to abandon forts in America and their continual incitement of the Indians caused havoc, especially along the Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky frontier. England’s need for additional troops to fight a war with France in Europe resulted in impressment of sailors traveling on United States ships. These acts further threatened the tenuous peace between the two nations.

On June 18, 1812, the United States declared war on Great Britain, and Kentuckians embraced the news with patriotic fervor. For the next few years, the Kentucky militia took center stage in a war that would determine America’s continued existence as a nation. Kentuck Is Coming is dedicated to these brave Kentuckians who fought in the War of 1812, especially those patriots from the area of Owen County. Joining other Americans, they served as a vanguard in this vital conflict and exhibited invincible valor worthy of a great and free nation.