Erin Chandler

Erin Chandler holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University and a Master’s in Theatre from the University of Kentucky. With 20 years professional experience as an actress, playwright, and independent film and theatre producer in Los Angeles, she teaches playwrighting at the Carnegie Center and writing workshops in her bookstore, Rabbit House Books & Notions, in Versailles, Kentucky. Her film and TV credits include Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dead Husbands, Chicago Hope, Lost in Pershing Point Hotel, and the soon to be released Ted K with Sharlto Copely. Erin’s recently published memoir is entitled June Bug Versus Hurricane.

June Bug Versus Hurricane

June Bug Versus Hurricane

“Through the growing and nurturing years there is no influence as important as the coaching a youngster receives. Those he selects as his heroes mold his character and create the fiber of the individual.” So preached Dan Chandler the son of Happy Chandler, beloved two-time Kentucky governor and baseball commissioner, and the wildly eccentric father of Erin and Chan. Dan uprooted his kids from their southern aristocratic roots and the political world of the Governor’s mansion and deposited them into the gaudy yet glamorous life of 1970’s Las Vegas, where debauchery and brutishness was respected and everyone practiced the Golden Rule… “The guy with the gold makes the rule.”

After years of living a roller coaster life on his coattails, becoming adults proved to be their biggest challenge. Chan took the cowboy approach to life, on the road from one end of the country to the other, packing guns, breaking hearts, and staying one step ahead of the law… usually. Erin followed the Vegas showgirls of her youth and found Hollywood. The brother and sister struggle to create balance.

Author and playwright, Erin Chandler is candid in the telling of her life long difficulties with her loving, although overwhelming, alcoholic father, her heartbreaking challenges with her charming but dangerously self-destructive brother, and her own relentless demons. Dark yet uplifting, filled with humor and insight, June Bug Versus Hurricane will leave audiences as haunted as its characters.