Evelyn Christensen

Evelyn Christensen specializes in books that make education fun! A former teacher with a doctorate in education, she has spent her career creating resources to help kids enjoy learning. More than 50 of her educational puzzle books and math games have been published. Her debut picture book, The Twelve Days of Christmas in Kentucky, is chock full of interesting, fun information about her beloved home state. It was chosen by the Kentucky Humanities Council to represent Kentucky at the 2017 National Book Festival Pavilion of States. Evelyn grew up in Hazard and currently lives in Lexington with her husband, Ralph. They have four grown children and six grandchildren. For free resources and information about Evelyn’s books, visit http://evelynchristensen.com.

12 Days of Christmas in KY cover

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Kentucky

This fun debut picture book features 12 days of Christmas adventures as Marybeth and her parents take visiting cousin Martin all around Kentucky, sharing what’s special and unique about our wonderful state. From the floral clock in Frankfort, to Lincoln’s birthplace, Mammoth Cave, a coal mining museum, and a horse farm, Martin gets a taste of Kentucky and writes home each day to share the fun with his parents. Along the way Marybeth gives Martin some rather unusual gifts to go along with the traditional song.