A Wi-Fi hotspot is a device that connects laptops, smartphones, and tablets to the Internet. The hotspot is small and portable, so you can use it almost wherever you are.

What Do I Need To Know?

·         How do I check out the device?

Stop by the library front desk and inquire about a hotspot. You will need to complete a Borrower Agreement.  Use your library card to check it out just like any other item.  One per family please.

·         Who can check out this device?

A library patron age 18 or older with a valid library card can borrow a hotspot.

·         How long can I keep it?

You can borrow it for 21 days. If a hotspot becomes overdue there will be a fine of $2.00 per day.  In addition, service will be disabled until the device is returned to the Library.

·         Can I place a Hold on a Hotspot?

Yes. If all hotspots are checked out you are welcome to place on hold for the next available device. Ask a staff member for assistance or go to the catalog, login and place a hold yourself.

·         Can I reserve a Hotspot to check out at a particular time?

No. Hotspots are available on a first-come/first-served basis.

·         Can I use the Hotspot to Send/Receive text messages?

No. Texting /SMS messaging is not available.

·         How do I return it?

You return the hotspot to the library front desk. Do NOT place the hotspot in a book drop.  Return the hotspot with all original packaging and accessories.

·         How Do I renew a Hotspot?

Sorry, at this time hotspots cannot be renewed.

·         How much does it cost?

Borrowing and using the device if free. If the device is lost or damaged, a $195 charge will be added to your library account.

·         What Information about my Internet usage, if any, is tracked by the Library or Verizon?

Your internet usage is not tracked by the Library or Verizon.

Note to parents/guardians:  Internet content filtering is NOT provided by the Hotspot.  Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring what their children access via the Hotspot.