Ray Peden

Ray Peden has a professional career that spans 48 years as a civil engineer, general contractor, home builder and designer, land developer, project manager, and public relations copywriter. Along the way, he found time for other pursuits: magazine editor, R&B guitarist, painter, cartoonist, drill sergeant, carpenter, stone mason. Throw in three amazing daughters, four grandchildren and counting, and it was time to retire to a new career. Peden has published op-ed pieces in local papers, as well as a blog (www.writerontheriver.com) stocked with lively and thoughtful human interest stories. His first novel, One Tenth of the Law, a suspense/thriller, was published in July 2015 to noteworthy acclaim, establishing a sizable and growing fan base. The second installment in the series, Prime Cut, is another suspense/thriller pulled out of today’s headlines.

Prime Cut

Prime Cut


One man against a ruthless human trafficking cartel and the violent men who make fortunes selling women and girls like livestock. They picked the wrong man.

A drive-by shooting at an animal rights rally in Lexington, Kentucky leaves two people dead–just one more numbing headline for the Nightly News at Six. But things turn personal when Patrick Grainger’s daughter is wounded in the crossfire. Questions without answers lead Grainger on a wild ride through the back roads of North Carolina to a mammoth slaughterhouse and a multinational empire that feeds millions.

The murder and torture that has become routine in rural Tlaxcala is drawn to the streets of Frankfort, Kentucky and a sobering reality sets in–that no place in everyday America is safe from the evils of unlimited money, power, and greed.

An adrenaline-choked thrill ride, a tale of unspeakable tragedy and redemption, and the realization that the animals we should fear the most walk on two legs.