Ron Rhody

Ron Rhody (Ronald E.) is a Frankfort native who, according to his sister, “moved away but never left.” He was a reporter, a sports writer, and a broadcast journalist before morphing into a career as a public relations executive. He spent most of his corporate career directing the public relations and advertising programs of two of the country’s largest corporations. Later, he opened his own consultancy. Now he is concentrating on writing and perfecting his drag-free drifts. His four novels, and the soon to be released Our Own Little Fictions, are all set in Frankfort.

Our Own Little Fictions

This is a story about a slice of time, and a place, and a cluster of people worth remembering. It begins in the small river town of Frankfort in the Bluegrass of Kentucky and concerns itself with beginnings and becomings… with home places and who you can count on… and where untaken roads might lead.

It is an unconventional book. It asks a lot of the reader, but in return offers an experience of unexpected richness. Pretend you are listening. Not reading. Listening.