Tabletop RPG Swap Meet

Are you looking to get into tabletop roleplaying? Are you already a gamer, overburdened with retired minis, cursed dice, or books you no longer use? Join us for a Tabletop RPG Swap Meet on Saturday, May 21, from 12:00pm-3:00pm! Buy or trade miniatures and other tabletop roleplaying accessories at this event.

Bring your unwanted minis, dice, or roleplaying game books to the TTRPG Swap Meet and take home new-to-you fantasy goods that others have brought. Drop in anytime during the swap to trade ’em out!


In addition to trading with other gamers, we are proud to welcome the following local vendors:

Kentucky Fried Gamers (Ron Purvis)

Bear and Wolf Studio (Victoria Coots)

A Punch in the Art (Wilhelmina T. Thrasher)

Bardic Kitty (Katharina Faulhaber)

Bath & Cauldron Works (Rebecca Reynolds)

Magpie Eclectic (Michelle Zuck)


Also, take part in the following mini-sessions:

12:00pm, 1:00pm & 2:00pm

Getting Started Painting Miniatures for Gaming
Presenter: Ron Purvis
Painting miniatures does not have to intimidating or expensive. Join us for insight, tips, and tricks to get going quickly and cheaply!


Token-Making on Roll20
Presenter: James Sisler
While virtual tabletop website Roll20 does provide generic tokens for online roleplaying, why not learn how to make unique tokens tailored to your own characters and monster? Learn how here!


Storytelling for Dungeon Masters
Presenter: Pam Sisler
Learn the rudimentary elements of storytelling and how they can be applied to running a tabletop roleplaying game.


All events will be held in the library’s River Room. No registration necessary. For more information, contact Jonathan Sands at 352-2665 x166 or