Youth Outreach

Outreach Services: Youth


  1. What is Youth Outreach Services and how does it work?

Youth Outreach Services meets community needs with both traditional and new services. Youth Outreach Services brings library material and programing directly to your Daycare, Preschool, Early Learning Facility, or School. You can call or email us your requests. We can also deliver Book Boxes that your facility can use. These boxes are complete with books, CDs, DVDs, and story time manipulatives. This service is entirely free!

  1. Who can request Youth Outreach Services form PSPL?

Youth Outreach Services assists Daycares, Preschools, Early Learning Facilities, as well as Schools.

  1. What if I don’t have a library card, lost my library card, or am new to Franklin County, but still need Youth Outreach Services?

That’s okay! Give us a call. We can help you obtain a first time library card or a replacement library card. Services will not be withheld due to not having a library card.

  1. How can I reach the Youth Outreach Service librarian(s)?

We can be reached over the phone or through email. Our contact information is:

PSPL Youth Outreach Services

502-352-2665 extension 206

  1. How often can I receive Youth Outreach Services?

Materials and programming may be requested monthly to bimonthly.

  1. Why is Youth Outreach Services important?

Outreach services help our community in many different ways. Outreach allows librarians to put a friendly face on library services and meet patrons where they are. When children benefit from the library services brought to them, they also become more aware of the offerings in the building and are more likely to visit the library.