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Loren Niemi

The desert wind blows, the palms sway as Loren Niemi tells a “choose your adventure” story of the Baker, the Contessa, the Mapmaker, and the Widow, in search of their destiny with four starting points (the audience must choose from) to an improbable destination, Fata Morgana, and four, maybe five

Andy Offutt Irwin

In “An Evening with Marguerite Van Camp, M.D.”, Andy tells the adventures of his eighty-five-year-old-widowed-newly-minted-physician (fictional) aunt, Marguerite Van Camp, a woman who avoids curmudgeonship by keeping her finger on the pulse of the changing world around her as she seeks to grow –

Ray Christian

Ray tells stories of his upbringing in a southern ghetto, his family life, and his transition from ghetto kid to soldier to academic.

Laura Packer

Laura Packer’s extensive repertoire includes traditional tales from around the world; retold fairy tales and myths that reveal new perspectives; personal narrative that amuses and moves; original magical realism fiction full of wonder; scary stories; historical works; improvised stories that exis

Alton Takiyama-Chung

E Komo Mai! Welcome and spend an evening hearing tales of old and not so old Hawaii. Explore ancient Hawaiian legends of Gods and Goddesses with kama’aina storyteller Alton Takiyama-Chung.

Charlotte Blake Alston

For over thirty years, Charlotte Blake Alston has been committed to preserving and sharing stories from African and African American oral traditions. She has shared stories in a wide range of venues including the John F.

Books to Movies

Lights, camera, action! These books have recently been adapted to film or will soon be released. Which ones are on your reading list? 


Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie

Board Game Collection

Did you know? You can check out board games from the Library! Stop by the activity center on the first floor to take a look. You can check out and take home up to two board games at a time and keep them for one week.