Display Case Policy

The Paul Sawyier Public Library has display cases available for use by the public when not otherwise required by the library. The display cases may be made available upon the following terms and conditions:

1. The display cases shall be made available first to the library for use in connection with its programs and activities.

2. When not otherwise required for library use, the display cases may be made available, free of charge, for educational, recreational, cultural, or civic exhibits by patrons. Exhibit space will not be made available for promotional, commercial, fundraising, religious proselytizing, or partisan political purposes. Educational exhibits involving these subjects, however, are permissible. Exhibitors may not request donations.

3. Because the display cases are located in the entrance hall of the building, and because of the large number of children visiting the library, the library reserves the right to reject any exhibit the library deems inappropriate for viewing by children.

4. Exhibit space may be made available for up to 30 days, including time required for assembly and removal of exhibits. The library will use its best efforts to meet scheduling commitments. Nevertheless, the library reserves the right to postpone, reschedule, or cancel an exhibit.

5. The library may reject a proposed exhibit and is not obligated to accept every exhibit offered. The determination of whether to make space available for an exhibit, the amount of space that may be made available, and the amount of time allotted to an exhibit shall be made by designated library staff in his or her reasonable discretion. In exercising his or her reasonable discretion, library staff shall consider the following factors:

  • a. The relationship of the subject matter of the exhibit to a scheduled activity or program in the library’s meeting rooms;
  • b. The relationship of the subject matter of the exhibit to matters of widespread interest to the citizens of Franklin County or related to Franklin County or the Commonwealth of Kentucky;
  • c. Past or scheduled exhibits relating to the same or similar subject;
  • d. Number of competing requests for exhibits during the period requested;
  • e. Number of prior exhibits by the requesting individual or organization;
  • f. Date the request was received.

6. The library does not endorse and is not liable for the content or viewpoint expressed in any exhibit. The library does not verify the accuracy of any exhibit. All exhibits must meet state and federal laws relating to obscenity and must not be defamatory or constitute an invasion of privacy. The library reserves the right to cancel and remove any exhibit the library determines in its sole judgment does not comport with the policies set forth herein.

7. Exhibits must be set up within two days of the start date, and removed by close of business of the last day of reserved time. Reservations for exhibits not set up within two days of the scheduled start date may be forfeited at the discretion of library staff. Exhibits not removed at the conclusion of the display period may be removed and disposed of by the library at its discretion and without further notification.

8. The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible loss, damage, or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. All items placed in the library are done so at the exhibitor’s sole risk and are not insured by the library.

9. The area available for display consists of three locking cases. (Case 1 is nearest the Wapping St. entrance.) Case dimensions are:

Case 1 – 124 ½” X 85” X 15 ¾”
Case 2 – 124 ½” X 85” X 15 ¾”
Case 3 – 117 ½” X 85” X 15 ¼”

An applicant may request to use, and the library may award the use of, one, two, or three of the cases. Submission of request does not guarantee acceptance of reservation. Formal confirmation of booking will be emailed to applicant.

10. Requests to use display space may be made up to six months prior to the beginning of the requested period. Requests must be made through the display case request form found below.

11. Exhibitors must supply their own tools and supplies for installation. No tape or other adhesives may be affixed on the walls or inside display cases. Exhibitors shall be responsible for all costs associated with the mounting and removal of displays and exhibits, and shall reimburse the library for any damage to the building, display cases, or library property.

12. The library, however, will provide access to a stepladder, and a limited number of magnets may be available. Requests for shelving must be made at the time of booking. Exhibitors are prohibited from removing and/or adjusting shelves once installed by library staff.

13. Once exhibit is installed, any changes must be made by appointment with designated library staff.

Display Case Reservation Request