Loss of Library Privileges

It is the policy of the Paul Sawyier Public Library System that all patrons have equal access to Library services, however, Library privileges may be suspended in conformity with this policy.

Authority to Take Away Privileges

All staff members may issue verbal warnings to patrons to inform or remind them of Library policy. The staff member shall inform a Supervisor, or security, if on site, that a verbal warning has been given. The staff member giving the verbal warning shall attempt, if it can be safely done, to ascertain the identity of the patron to whom the warning is given.

Only Supervisors, the Director, or security may suspend a patron's Library privileges. Such suspensions will be in accordance with this policy.

When a patron’s Library privileges have been revoked, he or she will not be permitted to enter or remain on the Library’s property, use the computers, check out materials, or use any other Library service. His or her account will be blocked during this time. Only a Supervisor may unblock the patron’s account when Library privileges have been restored. The Supervisor should notify the patron of the consequences of further offenses.

Reasons for Loss of Privileges

Loss of privileges is reserved for serious or repeat offenses. Examples include but are not limited to:

  1. theft of Library materials
  2. tampering with Library computers
  3. tampering with or intentional destruction of Library materials or equipment
  4. verbal or physical assault of patrons or staff
  5. illegal or criminal activity
  6. vandalizing or misusing any part of the Library, including restrooms
  7. repeated refusal to comply with any Library policy
  8. actions reasonably deemed to be detrimental to the proper and efficient operation of the Library


When a patron violates Library policy that does not constitute a criminal offense for the first time, he or she will be issued a verbal warning and be reminded of the Library’s policy regarding the misstep.

Further offenses will result in the loss of Library privileges for a minimum of 24 hours. The Library Executive Director or his/her designee Library administration will determine the length of Library privilege suspension.

If the violation is violent, aggressive, threatening, destructive or offensive in language, action or body order, or constitutes a criminal offense or any criminal violation, a patron may be asked to leave immediately. Police may be called if needed. In addition, the patron’s Library privileges shall be suspended for a period to be fixed by the Director and may include permanent loss of privileges, including the right to enter or remain on the Library’s property. Conviction is not required for the revocation or suspension of the patron’s Library privileges.

Suspension of a patron’s Library privileges may be appealed by the patron in writing to the Library Director.

Record Keeping

Staff or security should fill out an incident report following any interaction that could result or contribute to the decision to remove a patron or suspend a patron's privileges.

Juvenile Patrons

Children 16 and under are expected to abide by the rules and policies of the Library. Staff may ask a child to leave the Library, call for assistance from other staff, call a parent or guardian, refer the child to a Supervisor or to the Director, call the police for assistance, and/or, with the approval of the Supervisor and Director, suspend the Library privileges of any child who is not appropriately respecting the Library, Library staff or the Library building, furniture or equipment.

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