Open Records Request

Requester’s Contact information:

Name: ____________________________________________ Date: _____________

Last, First

Mailing address: ________________________________________________________________________


Email: ___________________________Best phone number: ___________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________________

Describe below the records that are requested, please be specific: (attach additional sheets as needed)






Statement regarding the use of public records: KRS 61.870(4) defines “commercial purpose” as “the direct or indirect use of any part of a public record or records, in any form, for sale, resale, solicitation, rent, or lease of a service, or any use by which the user expects a profit either through commission, salary, or fee.” However, “commercial purpose” does not include the publication or related use of the public record by a newspaper or periodical, by a radio or television station in its news or informational program, or by use in the prosecution or defense of litigation by the parties to such an action or their attorney.

This request is (choose one):

  • NOT for a commercial purpose; or
  • FOR a commercial purpose.
  • Statement regarding residency. I further state that I am a resident of Kentucky because I am (please check one):
  • An individual residing in the Commonwealth; or
  • A domestic business entity with a location in the Commonwealth; or
  • A foreign business entity registered with the Kentucky Secretary of State; or
  • An individual that is employed and works at a location within the Commonwealth; or
  • An individual or business entity that owns real property within the Commonwealth; or
  • An individual or business entity that has been authorized to act on behalf of an individual or business entity listed above; or
  • A news-gathering organization as defined in KRS 189.635(8)(b)1a. to e.

Please note all applicable statutes regarding open records requests may be found in KRS 61.870-884 and include:

The use of this form is not required for an open records request, but the request letter must contain the same information. Form OAG-01, Request to Inspect Public Records form may also be used.

The library has five (5) business days, not including the day a request is submitted to respond to an open records request. Business days do not include weekends and legal holidays.

The library can request payment in advance at a reasonable cost for copies or prints that are made to respond to a request. Printed or copied documents will be charged ten (10) cents per page for black and white copies/prints/scans. Color copies/prints/scans will be charged thirty-five (35) cents per page.

For extensive requests, the library may ask for additional time to produce documents that are requested. Requests which create an unreasonable burden on the library will be denied.

Narrowing the scope of your request and being specific in your request will aid the library in response and producing requested documents.

The library is only required to produce existing documentation. The application of any requested formatting beyond what already exists to satisfy an open records request may incur charges for the staff time involved.

Unless otherwise requested, all requested documents will be emailed to the requestor. Unless otherwise requested, any emailed documents will be delivered in Portable Document Format (PDF). Postage may be charged for mailed documentation.

Requestors have the option to view requested documents onsite by making an appointment with the Library Director during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00a – 5:00p, excluding legal holidays).

If you have any questions, please email or call the Library Director at (502) 352-2665 x200.


Date received:____________________________Date of response: ______________________________

  • Request is granted.
  • Records sent electronically.
  • Records inspected in-person: date and time: ______________
  • Mail items to requestor.Date records sent:__________________________
    Total amount charged to fulfill this request:__________
  • Request is denied based on the following exemption:
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