Service Animals Policy

Service Animals Policy

The Paul Sawyier Public Library welcomes patrons with service animals. Service animals are limited to dogs and miniature horses that are individually trained to assist or accommodate a person with a sensory, mental, or physical disability or to perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. While acknowledging legal rights under applicable federal and state laws regarding use of service animals, the Library will also take into consideration the importance of the safety and health of all the people in the Library.

No animals other than service animals are allowed in the Library building. Persons bringing in animals other than service animals, except in connection with Library programs expressly soliciting the participation of animals, will be asked to remove them from the Library building.

Owners/handlers must keep service animals with them and under their control at all times. If a service animal cannot be leashed or harnessed, due to disability or interference with the performance of tasks, it must be otherwise clearly under the handler’s control, e.g., voice control, signals, or other effective means. Owners of service animals are solely responsible for the supervision and care of the service animal while on Library property.

If the service animal is not under the handler’s control, and the handler is unwilling or unable to take effective action to place the service animal under control, or if the service animal’s behavior fundamentally alters the nature of a Library program or service, the handler may be asked to remove the service animal from the Library.

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