Art Lander

Art Lander has been writing about the outdoors in Kentucky since the 1970s. He grew up in St. Matthews, Kentucky, and is a lifelong angler, hunter, gardener, and nature enthusiast. Lander works as a freelance magazine journalist and was the staff outdoors writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader for 23 years. In 1991, he received the best Outdoors Page Award, by the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Lander has written or contributed to seven books on Kentucky. Most recently, he authored A Fishing Guide to Kentucky’s Major Lakes (1998) and contributed articles to The Kentucky Encyclopedia and Of Woods and Waters (2005) published by the University Press of Kentucky. Since 2013, he has been outdoors editor of Kentucky Forward and a contributor to the Northern Kentucky Tribune. He lives on a 197-acre farm in Henry County and traces back to Virginia-born Captain John Strode, a Revolutionary War veteran, who lived at Fort Boonesborough while building his frontier station. Captain Strode’s first cousin was Rebecca Boone, wife of Daniel Boone.

Cover of A Brief History of Baitcasting, Bass Fishing and the Kentucky Reel

A Brief History of Baitcasting, Bass Fishing, and the Kentucky Reel

The Kentucky Reel is truly one of the great contributions of the Bluegrass State to the wider world. The first widely popular multiplying fishing reels were hand made in Kentucky in the nineteenth century, and their popularity changed fishing forever by ushering in the modern age of baitcasting. For the first time, the authors offer a concise and easy to read history of not only the origins and development of the Kentucky Reel, but also the early history of baitcasting and bass fishing in Kentucky. Lavishly illustrated and featuring examples of some of the rarest Kentucky Reels, this book is a welcome introduction to an important yet overlooked piece of angling and Kentucky history. Includes biographies and professional photos of reels by: George W. Snyder and sons; J.F. & B.F. Meek; Meek & Milam; B.C. Milam; B.C. Milam & Son; J.W. Hardman; J.L. Sage; T. Dalton; B.F. Meek; B.F. Meek & Sons; B.F. Meek & Sons and Blue Grass Reels; Sylvanus Meek; J. Deally; G.E. Medley; Frank Fullilove; and Geo. W. Gayle & Son.

Published by Whitefish Press. The Whitefish Press is dedicated to publishing a wide variety of works on fishing history and fishing tackle. It was founded in 2006 by Dr. Todd E.A. Larson, who along with his partners Marc T. Hanger (Acquisitions Editor) and Chad S. Beckett (Legal), have worked to slowly grow the business to the point where it will be a unique voice in the publishing world for those interested in preserving our outdoor heritage. The Whitefish Press is an imprint of Micropress America, L.L.C.