Interlibrary Loan

If you cannot find the material you are looking for at our library, we can attempt to borrow it from another library for you to check out through us using interlibrary loan (ILL). Please make sure to read through the following guidelines before placing your request:

• ILL items are NOT RENEWABLE.
• Only one item per form. If multiple items are included on one form only the first will be requested.
• A $2.00/day fee is charged for late returns.
• Patron is responsible for book being returned on time and in good condition.
• Patron is responsible for replacement costs of lost or damaged materials.
• Only FIVE (5) ILL items per patron at a time. This includes requests pending as well as items currently checked out.
• Books published in the last six (6) months can NOT be borrowed.
• Audio and Multimedia materials may NOT be borrowed. PRINT ONLY.
• Patron must be 16 years old to request an ILL.
• Failure to pick up three (3) requested books will result in loss of privileges for six (6) months.
• A patron may request the same materials only twice.
• Items in the Paul Sawyier collection that are checked out or overdue can NOT be borrowed.

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