Exam Proctoring

Proctoring Policy

As part of its mission to provide opportunities for lifelong learning, the Paul Sawyier Public Library provides limited proctoring services subject to the availability of authorized staff and resources.  Please note that the Library does not proctor examinations that require direct supervision of test takers.

No fee is charged for this service, but the student must assume any cost of printing, copying, and/or returning the examination to the institution.

The following conditions apply to all proctoring services rendered:

Responsibilities of the test taker:

  • Verify that the testing institution accepts all library proctoring policies.
  • Schedule an exam appointment at least 5 days in advance with a full-time librarian.  Exams must be scheduled during the proctor’s regular work hours. All examinations must be completed no later than 15 minutes prior to the Library closing.
  • Make special arrangements with the proctor for those exams which require more than two hours to complete.
  • Call or email to verify that the library has received the exam and any passwords.
  • Call the library during inclement weather to verify appointment availability.
  • Allow sufficient time to complete and return the exam before the deadline.
  • Present appropriate photo ID to the proctor on exam day.
  • Bring any necessary supplies to take the exam as listed in the exam instructions and secure personal items before testing begins.
  • Provide postage and mailing supplies if needed.


Responsibilities of the Library:

  • Proctor exams in a written format or online via web‐based applications.
  • Check student identification and sign the required documentation.
  • Serve as delivery and return point for mailed, e‐mailed, and faxed examinations.
  • Note the starting and ending times of the entire examination, as required by the institution.
  • Certify that the student has taken an exam according to instructions.
  • Return the completed exam via any prepaid method.
  • Hold copies of exams for 14 days if requested to do so by the testing institution.


The Library is not able to:

  • Provide a staff member to continuously monitor the exam.
  • Time discrete portions of a test at specific intervals.
  • Accommodate requests for unscheduled proctoring.
  • Proctor an exam that a test taker brings in themselves.
  • Proctor exams for groups of students.
  • Keep exams on file for longer than 30 days of receipt by the library. Exams not completed by the test taker by the end of 30 days will be destroyed.
  • Guarantee a completely quiet room in which to take the exam.
  • Guarantee that the original proctor will be present and available as scheduled. The Library reserves the right to substitute a different proctor.
  • Assume responsibility for examinations that are interrupted by Library emergencies, power failures, or computer hardware/software failures.
  • Download, install, or modify software or change security settings on Library computers for test taking.
  • Assume responsibility if the online test site or student email is not working.
  • Assume responsibility for undelivered exams, or inquire about overdue exams.
  • Guarantee that completed exams will be received by a specific deadline.
  • Keep copies of completed exams.

Note: If it is determined that a proctoring request is unreasonable or its demands are too burdensome to administer, then the library reserves the right to deny this service.

If the above conditions are agreeable to the test taker then:

To schedule a proctor session, email proctoring@pspl.org  with the all necessary information or you may call the library at 502-352-2665 x109 and speak with a librarian.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees