Story by Story

Join PSPL for Story by Story, a monthly series for adults and teens, where storytellers from around the country share stories reflecting diverse cultures, beliefs, and experiences. Performances run 45-60 minutes, followed by an up-to 30 minute discussion opportunity.

Story by Story will be held in the Library’s River Room, and an American Sign Language interpreter will be provided for all events. Please register for each individual event, as space is limited. For more information, contact Diane Dehoney at (502) 352-2665 x108 or

Queen Nur

Photo of storyteller Queen Nur

Engaging audiences with call and response and song, Queen Nur presents rooted stories of connections to her childhoodtales honoring ancestors from the African continent to familiar Black traditions in America, a personal rendering celebrating her father, and humorous folktales. Stories are accompanied by international drummer and percussionist Dwight James on a variety of percussive instruments.

Queen Nur is a highly interactive international storyteller, folklorist, and award-winning teaching artist from Willingboro, New Jersey. Following the griotic tradition, her stories capture historical victories, celebrate folkloric traditions, and profoundly speak to the quintessence of humanity. For 30 years, she has toured in over 36 states, West Africa, and Canada at such events/venues as the opening of the Smithsonian's National African American Museum of Culture and History; a tour of Cameroon for the US Embassy, PANAFEST in Ghana; Equitable Tower Theater on Broadway; NJN Television; Toronto Street Festival; National Storytelling Festival; Dodge Poetry Festival; and many more. Queen was the Master of Ceremonies at the NEA 2019 National Heritage Fellows Concert in Washington, D.C. She has also performed as a featured artist at the National Association of Black Storytellers Festival and Conference and is a past president (14th) of the organization. She is the recipient of the 2023 New Jersey Heritage Fellowship, 2020 Zora Neale Hurston Award from the National Association of Black Storytellers, 2018 Governor's Award in Arts Education, and the 2018 Artist of the Year for Young Audiences of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Queen is also featured in Legendary Locals of Willingboro by Josh Bernstein, O Magazine (February 2018), and several anthologies.

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Nestor Gomez

Photo of storyteller Nestor Gomez

Hear compelling true stories when Nestor Gomez takes our Story by Story stage! Sometimes, he tells about his own experiences as a person new to the United States, about his adventures working as a ride sharing driver, or his family or work related experiences. Always, he tells with humility and humor, inviting us to consider the adventure of being human.

Nestor “the Boss” Gomez was born in Guatemala and traveled to Chicago undocumented in the mid-80’s. He told his first story at a Moth Story Slam to get over the stuttering that plagued his childhood. Since then, he has won more than 70 Moth Slams. Nestor has performed and conducted storytelling workshops in multiple locations around the country. He also created his own storytelling show, 80 Minutes Around the World, that features the stories of immigrants and refugees from different parts of the world, their descendants, and allies. 80 Minutes Around the World is also available as a podcast. Nestor also published a collection of stories detailing his experiences driving for ride sharing titled Your Driver Has Arrived. To listen and subscribe to the podcast, to buy his book, and to learn more about Nestor, visit his website at

Escucharas relatos emocionantes de la vida real, cuando Nestor Gomez tome el escenario en Story by Story. Algunas veces nos cuenta sobre sus experiencias viviendo en un lugar nuevo para el como lo fue Estados Unidos. Otras veces nos contara sobre sus aventuras trabajando como conductor de Viejas compartidos, o sus relaciones familiares o de trabajo. Siempre, contando sus relatos con humildad y humor, invitándonos a considerar la aventura de ser humano.

Nestor nacio en Guatemala y viajo a Chicago sin documentos a mediados de los 80. Nestor conto su primer relato en un evento de la Moth para poder vencer la tartamudez que atormendot su niñez, desde entonces a ganado mas de 70 competencias de la Moth. Sus relatos han sido transmitidos en programas de radio a nivel nacional. Nestor es el creador, director y anfitrion de su propio programa de relatos 80 minutos alrededor del mundo en que se relatan las historias de Immigrantes y refugiados de diferentes partes del mundo, ademas de los relatos de sus descendientes y aliados con el fin de proveer un major entendimineto de las realidades, luchas y sueños de la experiencia migratoria. 80 minutos alreadedor del mundo tambien esta disponible come Podcast. Para escuchar y subscribirse al programa y para aprender aun mas sobre Nestor por favor de visitar la pagina de internet

Registration begins July 1.

Sue Roseberry

Photo of storyteller Sue Roseberry

Sue Roseberry uses storytelling to introduce some wonderful people that she knows to her audiences. With every tale she says, “Welcome to my world!”

Sue Roseberry (a.k.a. “Mama Sue”)  is a consummate artist, and her gifts are truly inspiring and illuminating.  She is recognized for her artistic ability and imaginative style. A graduate of the College of Santa Fe, she has a B.F.A. degree in performing arts. In addition to being Executive Director for the Midland Storytelling Festival, Sue is a master storyteller and has performed at the Exchange Place during the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee and other storytelling festivals throughout the country. Those fortunate enough to hear her come away with the feeling that they have been present for something beyond entertainment – it’s an experience.

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Registration begins August 1.

Tim Ereneta

Photo of storyteller Tim Ereneta

When storyteller Tim Ereneta opens a story with the words "once upon a time," he invites listeners into worlds that never were, but still resonate with our modern lives. The heroes and villains we encounter in blockbuster movies and streaming series might have stylish clothes and flashy gadgets, but these character types have been part of our entertainment for thousands of years. Join Tim as he shares his favorite traditional tales from Central Asia and Western Europe, bringing to life timeless adventures of clever fools and hopeless romantics in search of happily ever after.

Storyteller Tim Ereneta of Berkeley, California, connects ancient stories to modern day life, as he brings to life forgotten fairy tales for audiences of all ages—but especially adults. He's told stories on stages from Washington, DC, to Chennai, India, performing in theaters, art museums, camps, churches, nightclubs, as well as through digital screens. A former playwright and actor, Tim has been delighting audiences for more than three decades.

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Registration begins September 1.

Past Storytellers

Dovie Thomason

Dovie Thomason tells with elegance, wit, passion, sly humor and astonishing vocal transformations creating a climate with the audience where laughter, learning, and respect come together.

Anne Shimojima

On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese American community was never the same again. Eventually, over 120,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned behind barbed wire in incarceration camps for the crime of looking like the enemy. 

Bil Lepp

Could a story about a kid who never wins anything – not swimming races, not costume contests, not science fairs – possibly be a story that includes the water cycle, werewolves, family vacations, a trickster grandfather, long car trips, a kid who thinks he needs to change the world, and two friend

Priscilla Howe

In 2015, Priscilla Howe traveled to Bulgaria on a Fulbright Scholarship, aiming to collect trickster tales and animal stories. She did that, and so much more, including hearing stories from strangers on the street and performing in a Bulgarian storytelling and joketelling competition.

Carrie Sue Ayvar

Flowing seamlessly between Spanish and English, Carrie Sue Ayvar chooses from her large repertoire to connect people, languages, and cultures through her stories.

Kevin Kling

Humorist, playwright, and author, Kevin Kling is hailed as a Minnesota state treasure. Former Guthrie Theater artistic director Joe Dowling said that "Kevin has the ability to be genuinely funny, but he can also move you to tears.

Arif Choudhury

Arif Choudhury is a professional storyteller, filmmaker, theater artist, and stand-up comic.

Michael McCarty

Michael McCarty’s mother always read to him and told him stories. As a high school student in the 1960s, he discovered the amazing stories of Black history and culture that weren’t taught in schools, so he began telling stories.

Linda Gorham

As a professional storyteller, Linda Gorham tells stories on the biggest stages. But singing? In public? In front of a microphone? Well, that was a whole ‘nuther’ thing for her. Scary! Linda will share her story of finally getting the courage to sing – with joy as her mother taught her.

Sheila Arnold & Adam Booth

Each year, Sheila Arnold and Adam Booth choose a folktale, create their own new interpretations of the tale specifically for adults, and share both in concert.