Priscilla Howe

In 2015, Priscilla Howe traveled to Bulgaria on a Fulbright Scholarship, aiming to collect trickster tales and animal stories. She did that, and so much more, including hearing stories from strangers on the street and performing in a Bulgarian storytelling and joketelling competition. She'll bring her favorite stories for grownups, mixed with travelogue and commentary.

Priscilla Howe offers a disclaimer, with a little wink: "All my stories start with the seed of truth." She has been a full-time storyteller since 1993, after being first an academic librarian (a Slavic Cataloger, really!) and then a children's librarian. She has a full repertoire of stories, from the 95-minute Medieval epic Tristan and Iseult, to laugh-inducing literary and folktales, to Grimm for Grownups, to quirky original stories. Priscilla tours the country and abroad telling stories and giving workshops—to date she has performed in the fourteen countries. She’s also looking for the best restaurant pie on earth.

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