River Room Request

River Room glass entrance

Using the River Room

The River Room is the largest of PSPL’s meeting rooms, complete with a comprehensive audio and video system and a wonderful view of the Kentucky River. The River Room is prioritized for library use, but organizations that fit our meeting room policy are welcome to request and use it when it is not being used by the Library. Requests will be granted by the library director on a first-scome, first-served basis.

Request the River Room

Please enter the title of your meeting or event.
How long will you need the room?
Will you need to use a projector, DVD player, laptop, and/or audio equipment?

If your request is approved, and you plan to use our sound or video equipment, you will be required to schedule a training session with our IT staff in order to use the equipment. This session should be scheduled at least one week in advance of your meeting date.